viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

12 Bit Soul Vol. 3 (Free Download)

Divided Souls Productions returns with 12 Bit Soul Vol. 3, the latest installment in their running series. As sound seekers continue to look for new and hard hitting drum sounds, this crew curates a new collection of kicks, snare, hi hats, and percussion elements that embody the character and feel of the records they produce. Each sound is carefully crafted to provide character and a certain level of dynamism for beatmakers and producers to utilize in their own creations, allowing them to leave their indelible mark on music.

Continuing in the theme of “making analog relevant in a digital age,” this collection is steeped in the world of the Emu SP1200. The mark left by this machine is ever-present, with its warmth, punch, and subtle grit enveloping each sound. Regardless of the style of music you make, there is something in this kit that can readily find its way into your work. Irrespective of the genre, 12 Bit Soul Vol. 3 encompasses the ethos of quality over quantity, eschewing the filler and leaving the substance. Then again, that’s what Divided Souls Productions has built its reputation on: giving listeners a home-cooked feel with each song and each sound kit. We hope you enjoy using sounds that we have used or would use in our own production. Take a listen and you’ll see that 12 Bit Soul is more than a machine; it’s a mindset.

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